What We Like

Tabula Rasa Gallery (Beijing), Stevenson (Cape Town, Johannesburg), Instituto de Visión (Bogota), Dastan's Basement (Tehran)

We are pleased to announce the launch of What We Like, a digital art magazine providing decentralised global art intelligence from galleries in all five continents. The first issue features articles contributed by Tabula Rasa Gallery, Beijing, Stevenson of Cape Town and Johannesburg, Instituto de Visión, Bogota and Dastan's Basement, Tehran.

"In Part I, we tell you all about how art selling is turning into an all-out streaming contest in China, then we crunch a bunch of embarrassing data on Iranian contemporary art, after a tour of some oddly prescient South African artists whose works seem to foretell the global pandemic, we finally sit down with some indigenous artists from Columbia and calm the f*** down. In Part II, four inspiring artists from around the globe are waiting for your inquisitive eyes and mind." ——Sammi Liu