ART021 2016


Yuan Yuan and Wang Ziyue, a painter and a video artist, both born in 1980s. Through completely different methods and styles, the works of both artists reflect two major themes concerning young artists today: Yuan Yuan is almost exclusive introspective, making an explicit point of not caring the outside world; Wang Ziyue on the other hand, acting as an artist and dramatist, investigates urban relocation and WWII veteran issues, diving right into some of the toughest of our social problems. Through presenting these two artists, we hope to bring something new and push the boundaries of the art system.

Yuan Yuan, born in 1984 and studied oil painting with Yu Hong at CAFA. She had her first solo exhibition True False Objects in UCCA in 2009, soon followed by another solo exhibition A World of yesterday and tomorrow at Chambers Fine Arts in 2010 and Yuan Yuan:New Works in Beijing Commune. In 2015, Yuan Yuan had her recent solo exhibition Half-way into the Garden in Tabula Rasa Gallery. Yuan’s works are often interpreted as refined, exquisite with a particular brand of melancholy. Since her completion of MFA in 2015, figures started to disappear from her paintings, often hidden in outdoor scenes, or blown up to a detail occupying an entire canvas. Yuan’s works echoes some of the Epicurean themes in that the inner peace and balance outweighs one’s social responsibilities and ambitions.

Wang Ziyue, born in 1988, studied with Qiu Zhijie at China Academy of Art, and participated in the Shanghai Biennials in 2010 and 2012. Since 2011, her creative focus has been on the topic of urban relocation, creating works through her long-time interest in social theatre productions. The work we propose to present Floating Life in Crevice, was presented in Shanghai Biennials. Wang is a rare example of video artist with a keen interest in social issues. It takes her up to two years to complete a project as she tirelessly researches and investigates her topics. Wang is also a remarkable curator, the 2015 exhibition 30 Years of Experimental Theatre in Shanghai Ming Yuan contemporary art museum was curated by her.