Art Basel Hong Kong 2019


Tabula Rasa gallery is participating in Art Basel Hong Kong this year from March 27th to March 31st, presenting exhibition "Happy Valley II" of artist Ma Haijiao at booth 1C32. The work is part of "Hong Kong Project", which is finished in March 2019, and it's going to be shown for the first time in the unit "Discoveries". The project is centered on the idea of "Urban spectacle of Hong Kong". The so-called "Happy Valley" is artist’s ironic definition of modern cities: a space with defined borders and in which the goal of existence is seeking pleasure. As the main body of this part of the project, "Two Shores" will consist of images projected onto handmade colored paper with four small projectors. Focusing on two parts of Hong Kong divided by the Victoria Harbour—Hong Kong Island and Kowloon—the project attempts to explore the relationship between the shores through the medium of video art, both in terms of urban construction and historical development, etc., and in terms of the many cultural imageries that have arisen from the natural divide. "Happy Valley: Hundred-day Portfolio" is an image that are made from image materials related to Hong Kong that the artist encountered in the past year, such as subway advertisements, political/news images and web images, etc. It is recreated in chronological order based on the time of acquisition. Besides, "Happy Valley" will be played simultaneously on two 55-inch screens. The artist hopes to express his view as a mainlander and to base his creative practice on the understanding that Hong Kong is both close to his own cultural background and far away in reality. Combining still and moving images, it will naturally effectuate the work within the exhibition space.