Tissue and tissue paper

DATE: 2016.11.5 - 2016.12.24
ARTIST: Tant (Yunshu Zhong)

Tabula Rasa Gallery is pleased to present solo exhibition of Tant Zhong:Tissue and tissue paper on Nov. 5th, 2016. This is Tant Zhong’s first solo exhibition in Tabula Rasa Gallery.

Preparation for this exhibition started with collecting and classifying various materials and information. Like all material manifestations, or causations of events, after a period of observation you discover certain inner logic in them.

The autonomy of things/materials are revealed in the “on and off” connections between installations presented. Some “grouping” and “coupling” effects are deliberately arranged to allow a certain tempo in the exhibition. (Groupings: wooden pallets in their sculptural sense, light bulbs in the photo, rubbers that are as thick as the picture frame, missing eggs evidenced by the empty egg trays… Couplings: stainless-steel bars, two missing light bulbs in the photo, rearview mirrors inconspicuously living in the corner, a brand new roll of packaging tape and a half-finished roll...) Observances relating to “crowds” and “individuals” pop up serendipitously in mind as if these objects have gained humanity.

As materials can be stripped of their original functions (explored in my prior exhibition), words through usage can become symbols, or a different language perhaps. Your ability to decipher the meaning depends on how much “I” reveal and how much “they” express.

Facing with a “flag” with the same aspect ratio as The Stars and Stripes, it offers multiple view points and yet all of them are contained within the flag as one object, to be interpreted like a sentence consisted of words and phrases.

Going back to my original intended viewing experience, the hope is to create a sense of rhythm free of specific things, which is sometimes relaxed and sometimes hurried, sometimes slow and sometimes brief. The viewer’s thought process also cannot be completed without breaks. Being circuitous is a way, a movement, a reach for growth, and a following of the natural order of things. By allowing words and meanings to associate or disassociate, vagueness and nuance express sincerity and certainty.