anusman | Ignoramus

DATE: 2017.1.7 - 2017.3.8
ARTIST: Anusman

Tabula Rasa Gallery is pleased to announce Ignoramus, the first gallery solo exhibition of artist anusman.

anusman mainly works with ink and brush on paper, drawing childish outlines of people, animals and objects, and gives his drawing a title or a narrative writ-ten in the clerical script of Chinese calligraphy with his idiosyncratic style of mixing traditional and simplified characters. Different from most illustra-tions and traditional comic narratives, anusman’s works emphases on a single word, a sentence or sometimes a entire paragraph, pictures and words are of equal importance.

anusman’s works are marked by intelligent, humour and sometimes a little sar-casm. By addressing daily life, everyday food, animals and even art theory, he playfully changes the context of these things to deliver the audience a fresh viewing experience.

Calling the exhibition Ignoramus, the artist acknowledges that the viewers might not be able to decipher the meanings of his works, become a little con-fused by the artist’s playful interchanges of concepts. In Chinese the title characters can also switch positions and form the equally acceptable titles. Meanwhile, anusman also draws in the gallery so the audience can experience and appreciate his works in a more authentic surrounding.

With more than 10 independent comic publications and a book on the theory of comics, anusman is a comic illustrator, academic as well as artist. Previously known as Wang Shuo, he was born in Liaoning province in 1984 and graduated from the Academy of Arts & Design at Tsinghua University. After completing his MA in comics at the prestigious European School of Visual Arts in Angouleme, France, he is now a PhD candidate at CAFA and teaches comics in CAFA's print making studio.