Wang Hua | Ten Doors

DATE: 2017.5.6 - 2017.6.17
ARTIST: Wang Hua

Tabula Rasa Gallery is pleased to announce self-taught artist Wang Hua's solo exhibition "Ten Doors". This is the first time for the public to see Wang Hua's ten long scrolls “Ten Doors” all together.

Wang Hua is an artist who has never been trained in any academy and started her artistic career spontaneously. Though she started to draw at the age of 30, she has already finished hundreds long scrolls under her uncontrollable desire to make art. This series of works, "Ten Doors" consists ten 30 meter scrolls, taken Wang 6 years to complete in 2016. Wang’s works are not restrained by formal skills and languages compared to well-trained artists, yet they directly represent her being inside out as lines on paper. Her creative process is like making free jam music or dance, in which the artist’s mind and body go beyond the regular relationship of rational control throughout, entering a deeper and spontaneous state as continuous lines on the paper. Wang describes this process as ecstatic, countless brain cells become stars in a time-lapse, expanding without pause, reaching beyond the limitation of time and space.

Beholding Wang Hua’s works, any artistic commonsense or judgments become invalid; so all viewers are made equal in status. In a world where art criticism has become more and more systematic and elitist, Wang's works not only offer a brand new experience, but also help us to rethink our definition of art.

Just as the continuous images automatically expand in Wang's mind, these scrolls had already been “foreseen” by the artist in the beginning. "Ten Doors" is a microfilm of the universe to her, containing all the artist knows about the world and life. Wang says she will enter a whole new phase of creativity after this series and never to draw long scroll again, which makes this exhibition particularly important.

Wang Hua, born in Nan Ping, Fujian Province in 1981. In 2012,Wang came to Beijing and started working in the cafeteria of CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Arts). Her talents were discovered by CAFA students and she was recommended to Professor Yuan Yunsheng, a professor from the oil painting department. Wang's talent was quickly recognized and began to receive much appreciation and attention. Afterward, she participated in exhibitions of Beijing Times Museum, and One Way Street Space, and her works were collected by museums and important collectors. She has participated in Almost Art Project in both 2015 and 2016. In 2016, One Way Street Space has held her first solo exhibition "Trace". Today, Wang Hua is a resident artist at One Way Street Space, allowing her the time and support for further artistic experiments to become a possibility.

Finally, the gallery wants to express gratitude and appreciation for One Way Street Foundation and Beijing Times Museum for their great supports to this exhibition.