Chen Pai'an, Wong Wing Sang, Wu Sibo

DATE: 2018.05.12 - 2018.06.17
ARTIST: 3 Artists

Tabula Rasa Gallery is collaborating with Canton Gallery for the first time to present exhibition, “Chen Pai’an, Wong Wing Sang, Wu Sibo” with their recent works. We look forward to welcoming you at our opening in Tabula Rasa Gallery on May 12.

About artists

Chen Pai’an, born in Guangzhou, China, 1988. Graduated from sculpture department of Guangzhou Academy Of Fine Arts in 2013, currently based in Guangzhou. Chen always works with digital image editing, literature, digital drawing and video. His experience of working for an advertisement company, a decoration company and a fast fashion company makes him realize symbiotic relationships among well-promoted product, perfect-rendering commercial advertisement and deluded consumer. His humorous visual language and logic brings his works a very special sense of story-telling to represent symbiotic relationships. Major exhibition experience: “2017 Bi-city Biennale Of Urbanism / Architecture”, Shenzhen, China (2017) “Chen Pai'an, Huang Shan, Lai Zhijie, Lai Cheuk Wah, Wen Junjie", Canton Gallery, Guangzhou, China (2017) “What You See Is Not What You See”, Fort Mason Festival Pavilion, San Francisco, America (2017) “Rhythm-analysis”, OCAT Library, Shenzhen, China (2017) “3rd CAFAM Biennale, Museum of CAFA”, Beijing, China (2016) “2016 Westbund Art & Design”, Canton Gallery, Shanghai, China (2016) “Aint No Chicken Outside The Canton”, Reformer Space, Shanghai, China (2016) “Capillaries Of The Field”, Museum of GAFA, Guangzhou, China (2016) “Institution Production--Ecology Investigation of Contemporary Art of Young Guangzhou Artists”, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China (2015)

Wong Wing Sang, born in Dongguan, China, 1990. He was moved to Hong Kong with father at the age of 4 and graduated from Ng Wo Kindergarten. He got the Cheung's Fine Arts Award in 2013, while he was studying Fine Arts in CUHK. His artworks were exhibited in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China. His artistic creation focuses on the composition of contemporary society, as well as the unspoken rules and the personal subsistence state in it. He currently tries to use ready-made objects and images to build metaphors, exploring the subtle emotions and gray zone beyond everyday language. Major exhibition experience: Solo exhibition “The Slowest Wind”, Canton Gallery, Guangzhou, China (2018), group exhibition "Photo booth”, ParaSite, Art Basel HK, Hong Kong, China (2017) "Hazy Winter”, Canton Gallery, Guangzhou, China (2015) "Our 1989-1999”, TNUA, Taipei, Taiwan (2014).

Wu Sibo, born in Maoming, China, 1976. Moved to Guangzhou in 1994. He was graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine arts in 2005 and keeps creating paintings since 2005. The content of his paintings is the record of his past memories of living experience. From 1970s to 21st century, Chinese society has been changed constantly, according to the respect of the evolution of Chinese authority. Wu’s paintings and memories demonstrate the thread of the conversions of Chinese policy’s authorities. The authorities originate from the alternations rooted in government leaders, political parties, economy, class, occupational positions, family, and so on and so forth. In his gray-tone paintings, Wu Sibo as a resigned observer represent an isolated society in Guangdong China. Major exhibition experience: solo exhibition “Wait And See” Canton Gallery, Guangzhou, China (2017) “Road of Night”, 21 Space Art Museum, Dongguan, China (2014) “Stand Aside”, Junhan Gallery, Guangzhou, China (2008), part of group exhibitions: “Mere Existence", Canton Gallery, Guangzhou, China (2016) “Institution Production--Ecology Investigation of Contemporary Art of Young Guangzhou Artists”, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China (2015) “Excuse”, Overseas Garden, Guangzhou, China (2010).