DATE: 2019.03.16 - 2019.05.04
ARTIST: Market Street

Tabula Rasa Gallery is pleased to announce “Market Street – anusman’s One Year”, the second solo exhibition by independent comic artist anusman, on March 16, 2019. In recent years, anusman has been focusing on portraying the nuances of everyday life in the contemporary world with traditional Chinese ink painting techniques. Mr. Men, an original character the artist has created, becomes the protagonist of all these narratives. Mr. Men is an ordinary resident of a big city. He is down-to-earth, genuine, occasionally small-minded, and doesn’t care for competitions. He squeezes himself into packed subway trains, visits the local park, goes grocery shopping, warms his liquor, eats crabs, rides dockless bikes, returns home for Chinese New Year, listens to his friends’ debates on house prices, hears his parents’ worries about his future, and doesn’t forget to give his love and attention to the less fortunate…Although he often feels out of place in this time of change, he lives peacefully in his own world.