Physical Exhibition on view

DATE: 2020.05-2020.07
ARTIST: Tabula Rasa Vista

On May 12, 2020, Tabula Rasa Gallery was delighted to launch the online concept store Tabula Rasa Vista, in which we revisit the virtual world of the 90s and present the recent works by 13 artists from the gallery’s roster. The online concept store also allows you to purchase the works with one-click and has an Easter egg awaiting you to discover. In the meantime, physical exhibition in our gallery in Beijing is now on view from May to July, 2020.

Can we go back to the future?

Who could possibly foresee that our first exhibition of 2020 would unfold this way?Living in an almost dystopian period, it is impossible to make plans. Some people are fantasizing about life after COVID-19; but I am nostalgic about the past, the inconvenience of the pre-internet era, the lengthy loading time of early personal computers, wishing to get back the freedom that we have forever surrendered. Where can we go? Where can art go?

Our first exhibition in 2020 has no curator, no theme, only artists, their lives and their creations. And of course the online design by a pessimistic gallerist. Presented by the 13 artists who have worked closely with the gallery in the past, to provide you a vision, a Tabula Rasa Vista.

Participants: anusman, CHENG Xinhao, LI Tao, Julia LONG, MA Haijiao, Nathan ZHOU, WANG Hua, WANG Ziyue, XIAO Hanqiu, YUAN Yuan, ZHANG Jin, ZHANG Meng.

To explore our online concept store, copy the link to any web browser:

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