Tabula Rasa Tablet

DATE: 2021.05.11 - 2021.12.01
ARTIST: Online Group Exhibition

Artists: Anlan Huang, Amiko Li, Meng Sun, Xiaoshi Vivian Vivian Qin, Yuyan Wang, Sixing Xu

Tabula Rasa Tablet is an online exhibition hosted on WeChat Mini Program. Taking the gallery’s own name—the Latin tabula rasa, which refers to a writing tablet once written and then wiped clean— as its point of departure, the exhibition considers “writing” in an expanded field. In the works presented by the six artists, writing picks up utterances, texts, signs, images, sounds, bodies or senses as its mediums, so that feelings, thoughts and actions can extend beyond their frames, reaching one or more directions that resist being written down. En route, a game non-stop.

Another game of language hides behind the name of the exhibition. As language spins in the ebb of time, the writing tablet (tabula) gets so thin that it turns into a piece of paper and is bound into a book, only to lose it physical form later and become a digital tablet. Functioning as the sole exhibition “space,” the design of the WeChat Mini Program simultaneously tends to the formulas a book and a web page is laid out. The two paths to view the exhibition— Prologue and Index —reflect the respective rules inherent in the two above mentioned mediums, as they each follow and/or resist certain tendencies within our understandings of writing.

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