I Could Not Recall How I Got Here

DATE: 2021.11.05 - 2021.12.20
ARTIST: Musquiqui Chihying, Bo Choy, Lee Kai-Chung, Bo Wang, Chris Zhongtian Yuan

Tabula Rasa Gallery is pleased to present its winter screening programme “I Could Not Recall How I Got Here”, that brings together works of five video artists, Musquiqui Chihying (born in Taiwan, lives in Berlin), Bo Choy (born in Hongkong, lives in London), Lee Kai Chung (born in Hongkong, lives in Guangzhou), Bo Wang (born in Chongqing, lives in Amsterdam), and Chris Zhongtian Yuan (born in Wuhan, lives in London).

I Could Not Recall How I Got Here, with its title borrowed from artist Lee Kai Chung’s recent work, presents works that continuously investigate some of the most topical, and highly debated issues in the cultural and political sphere of the East Asia Pacific region. With a focus on the social transformation of China in the past centuries, from being the victim of 20th century capitalistic imperialism to becoming the neo-colonial power that establishes its controlling power in lesser developed regions, each artist presents a unique body of works based on their different upbringing, professional path, and cinematic language. It is also because of this, these works excavate the deeply hidden social, political and cultural fabric that form the contemporary reality of each region in East Asia Pacific and as a collective whole.

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