DATE: 2022.03.29 - 2022.05.04
ARTIST: Fyerool Darma

l4nd$¢_pΞ$ offers foraged and glitched imagery of the local, supralocal, and virtual environments of Fyerool Darma, remixed and produced with many collaborators and the support of the benevolent forces of chance at work in the cosmos. Textiles, present as printed accents, objects woven of assembled materials, and as the dominant visual imagery of the gallery’s vinyl-clad songket walls, form the primary lexicon. Arranged as both interdependent composites and thoughtful decompositions, they draw from and add to libraries of cultural code. Poetically governed by the quatranical pantun— its portability, rhythms and rhymes—

The exercise propagates and populates an expanding terrain of conceptual couplets and multimedia stanzas. Simultaneously celebrating the value of labour and the power of generosity, project programming takes many forms: a weekly sonic sculpture created from Darma’s eclectic playlist;free ornamentation of visitors’ tablet or cell phone covers with the jewel-like carbon fibre cladding used in the installation; invitations to build community, create art, and sell goods in the space; and activations celebrating the cultural intersections of a dazzling Nusantaran futurism. Part host, part DJ, part jester, part draughtsman, Darma presents this project as a series of organic connections between his research, his lived experiences, and his love of animated dinosaurs. The exercises have been developed in experimental anti-linear conversations with Dr. Karin G. Oen.