The North

DATE: 2022.03.26 - 2022.05.22
ARTIST: Ma Haijiao

Tabula Rasa Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of solo exhibition The North by artist Ma Haijiao at our Beijing space.

For this exhibition, Ma presents a body of new works belonging to Ma's ongoing project Mr.Quan (Ma Guoquan), a project with works of video, photography, documentary collage, and painting about the character 'Ma Guoquan' since 2016.

In Ma's practice, the contemplation of 'memory' has always been an important theme in his works. That being said, what he focuses on is not the anchored memory or history, but the process of perceiving, imagining, and reflecting on the materials of memory. Deploying materials from social and personal memory, he reconstructs the associative space for experiencing and understanding 'memory', weaving long-forgotten emotions and landscapes from 'historical memory' into his own life. Through the creation of photography, video, and other media, he explores the boundary of the dimensions, and pushes the limit of possibilities in 'memory'.