Dan Zhu | I thought it was dead; It thought it was spring

DATE: 2022.5.13 - 2022.6.24

Tabula Rasa Gallery London is pleased to present I thought it was dead; It thought it was spring, the first UK solo exhibition of the Chinese artist Dan Zhu for the 2022 edition of London Gallery Weekend.

After completing her residence at the Rijksakademie in 2019 in Amsterdam, the artist Dan Zhu quickly gained recognition from several institutions and won the prestigious Dutch Royal Modern Painting Prize in 2020. In the same year, she also won the annual C.o.C.A. award granted by the Collectors of Contemporary Art Foundation in the Netherlands, and presented her solo exhibition at the Kunst Institute Melly (formerly the Witte de With Center).

For her first UK solo show, Dan Zhu presents a series of works on paper and paintings inspired by scenes from a fiction written by the artist since early 2022. Starting with an unusual habit of a museum invigilator who collects the gazes of visitors during the day, these works explore the boundary between the viewer and the artwork. They offer visual references to several art history topics such as the gaze, animism, and cosmic immortality. It celebrates a transmigrational experience echoing to the present gravitational force in the cultural fields, being, a fluid and non-binary self-identification process in the world of diverse community and historic narrations.