Walk Unafraid

DATE: 2016.03.05 - 2016.04.10
ARTIST: Xiao Hua

Metal nails, ropes, threads, rice paper, gauze, and wax, these seemingly unrelated things are important materials in Xiao Hua’s works. She recombining them, sewing them onto fabric or paper, she is continually reopening her emotional scars and fixing them again. The neutral tones of gray, black and white in her works are like the ashes of exploded emotions, binding all of artist’s works together. Xiao Hua is not trying to render anything atmospheric, however, her process of repetition is a way to complete her self-cognition. Instead of the paint brush, sewing is what the artist considers to be the power, and in her own words “weakness is strength, and the strong is nothing”. Eventually the wrinkles and scars on the fabric and paper will show the delicate beauty of the sediments of time.

Xiao Hua’s works manifests her obsession with materiality, the handmade, and pure visuality. As she says in her artist statement, “There is no politics or exalted feelings in my works, just my subjective expressions and soliloquize.” In preparation for the series From 1 to 1000 Meters, Xiao Hua was working day and night, sewing fishing lines and gauze onto the paper. Some pieces were shredded by the artist initially, with irregular edges showing the artist’s anxiety. Xiao Hua has unconsciously used up 1000 meters of fishing lines and decided to finish this series.

In the series of Time, People and Mountain and other large-scale canvas, the artist pushes her use of materials and minimalist aesthetics to the extreme. Starting around the end of 2015, the Wood Box series is a continuation and further experiment of extending her paintings to three-dimensional space. Meanwhile, Xiao Hua is creating an extremely large installation art at her Tabula Rasa gallery, finishing on the opening day.