Almost Art Project 2016

DATE: 2016.06.09 - 2016.06.19
ARTIST: 绘素计划

We are pleased to announce the Almost Art Project 2016 is coming back to 798 art district, Beijing. it will be hold in Tabula Rasa gallery, Linda gallery, and Ming Xuan art space. 45 Chinese outsider artists and 20 comic artists will be presented.

This year, the comic section is again curated by artist Yan Cong, under the scene poster. breaking out from a single exhibition space, this year AAP will unite three galleries in 798 art district, more exhibition space means we can present outsider art on a larger scale, and showcase their creativities in more comprehensive manner. Outside of 798 art district, the Huang Jia Di store of One Way Space is also taking part of AAP, hosting outsider artist Wang Hua solo exhibition.

On the opening day, the 2nd edition of our publication, ART SU 2016 will be available for sale at the exhibition. On June 11th, a public comic drawing event will be hosted at Ming Xuan gallery, organised in conjunction with Vice China.

A panel discussion on outsider art will be hosted on June 14th at the UCCA, titled Brut Force. A panel of international experts will discuss the current state and development of outsider art as part of our culture ecosystem.

In the west, galleries and art fairs dedicated to outsider art have existed for decades, forming a mature market system, in China, the discovery, promotion and sale of outsider art had been a blank until the creation of Almost Art Project in 2015. Commenting on the awkward position of outsider art, the founder of AAP Sammi Liu says” in China, we desperately lack of people who can discover artists, document their works, conduct research, present exhibition, and promote their works to art market, we have to start from ground zero.”

The found of AAP has filled this urgent blank, we will continually to find outsider artist, to promote their works and lead the conversation on outsider art.


A Lan,Chen Ni'er,Feng Cangyu,Guo Xiurong ,Jiang Xiaorong,The King of Kowloon,Lai Saji ,Li Qing,Li Zhongdong,Liu Xiufen ,Julia Long,Nathan Zhou ,Shao Bingfeng,Shidan Zhenpengcuo,Tang Meng,Tang Suyun,Wan Tiejuan,Wang Baozhu,Wang Hua,Wang Jiuqin,Wang Zhen,Wei Erqiao,Xia Weilun,Xiaozi ( Yichao Chai ),Yang Yang ,Zha Ba ,Zhu Jianhua,Nanjing Outsider Art Center,Jin,小龙花,怪猴TKL,Wang Hang,Huo Xiaozhi,pigao,anusman,能尖日,tantan,李九九,Liao Chen,贰叔树,左新,象牙塔,Tao Benyuan,Si Wei,Yan Cong,Mengli Qi