Zhang Meng

Zhang Meng (b. 1983 in Tianjin, China) is a linguistics scholar turned artist, lives and works in Karlsruhe, Germany. Through her works, she translates her experience of being a female Chinese artist living in Germany into wild imaginations of the collective mythologies of the West and the East. She is highly praised for her charcoal drawing on hand-made waxed paper that explores themes such as dream, memory, skin, redemption, soul, religion, myth, transcendent experience and mysticism.

Her works are featured in several museum and gallery exhibitions such as: Works on Paper (Stevenson Gallery, S.Africa, 2021); LISTE Art Fair Basel 2021 (Basel, 2021); Tones and Toes (Tabula Rasa Gallery, London, 2021); Ich Singe (Nordheimer Scheune, Nordheim, Germany,2021); Let Painter Talk (Taikang Space, Beijing, 2021) ; ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Shanghai, 2020; Hic sunt leones (Surplus Space, Wuhan, 2019); NINININI PENG neewhom, Gebäude im Passagehof 24 (Karlsruhe, 2019); Regionale 19, Kunsthalle Palazzo (Switzerland, 2018); Resonanz Junge chinesische Künstler in Deutschland (Bonn, Germany, 2018), etc.

She completed her postgraduate studies from Academy of Fine Art Karlsruhe, Germany in 2018. Prior to this, she received her Ph.D. in Fine Arts from Academy of Art and Design at Tsinghua University Beijing, her M.F.A and B.A. in English Literature at Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts.


  • Prometheus 1

  • Pythia 1

  • Zeus

  • Tower of Ivory

  • Woman in the Fish Can 1

  • Prophet 2

  • Frauenkopt Stasse

  • Apothekev

  • Sophien Str. 190