Julia Long

Julia Long (b.1984, Chongqing, China), artist, writer and translator, currently lives and works in Beijing. She holds a Master of Arts degree from the University of Georgia, where she majored in America History.
Influenced by her artistic family upbringing, she practised drawings since her early years. After her sojourn in New York, where she managed marketing programme for upscale restaurants, she returned to China in 2017, gradually shifting her focus to drawing.
Since 2010, Julia has contributed illustrations, articles and interviews about American history, culture, art, and food for popular Chinese magazines, including Sanlian Lifeweek, One Way Reading, Oriental Historical Review, Modern Weekly, GQ China, Esquire, T Magazine China, Grazia, Weissen, Yueshi Epicure, Life Magazine, Economic Observer, Bloomberg Businessweek, National Geography Traveller, The Art Newspaper China, Elle, and has collaborated with high profile fashion & design brands such as Prada, La Perla, Neiwai, Beast, etc.
She exhibited extensively in China, some solo exhibitions include: “Provisional Emotions”, Tabula Rasa Gallery, Beijing (2021); “Meanwhile”, Tabula Rasa Gallery, Beijing (2019); “One Eighth of the Narrative”, Tabula Rasa Gallery, Beijing (2017); “Time Is On Her Side”, Chikalicious, Shanghai (2017), “Serendipity”, Undefine, Shanghai (2014).
Julia is also a prolific illustrator and translator for several publications, including, Home, Sweet Home, various authors, published by PSA, Shanghai (2017); Distracted, by Julia Long, published by Guangxi Normal University Press (2020); Women at Work: Interviews from The Paris Review, various authors, by People’s Literature Publishing House (2021); Devotion, by Patti Smith, will be published this year.


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