Active online as a media artist, blogger, activist and programmer, aaajiao is the virtual persona of Shanghai- and Berlin- artist Xu Wenkai. Born in 1984 - the title of George Orwell’s classic allegorical novel - and in one of China’s oldest cities, Xi’an, aaajiao’s art and works are marked by a strong dystopian awareness, literati spirits and sophistication. Many of aaajiao’s works speak to new thinkings, controversies and phenomenon around the Internet, with specific projects focusing on the processing of data, the blogsphere and China’s Great Fire Wall. As the leading new media artist in China, aaajiao has been extending his practice to various disciplines (among them, architecture, topography, and design) to capture the pulse of the young generation consuming cyber technology and living in social media. Major solo exhibitions include: “2020 URL is LOVE - A Digital Retrospective” (Tabula Rasa Gallery, Beijing, 2020), “a’a’a’jiao: an ID” (HOW Art Museum, Shanghai, 2019), “bot” (House of Egorn, Berlin, 2018), “User, Love, High-frequency Trading” (Leo Xu Project, Shanghai, 2017), “Remnants of an Electronic Past” (CFCCA Manchester, England, 2016). Major group exhibitions include: “The Return of Guests” (Power Station of Art, Shanghai, 2019), “Afterimage: Dangdai Yishu” (Lisson Gallery, London, 2019), “LOVE: Intimate” (Today Art Museum, Beijing, 2018), “Art in the Age of the Internet, 1989 to Today” (The Institute of Contemporary Art Boston, Boston, 2018), “Ethics of Technology” (Beijing Media Art Biennale, Beijing, 2016).



  • Turritopisis Nutricula

  • Space


  • Tennis for None

  • protester/cursor/eyes

  • protester/cursor/emoji

  • Light_7-pmap

  • Party

  • 010000

  • The Screen Generation